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The Leopard version of my HTTPMail plugin for Mail can be downloaded from here. Please note that as with any first release with a new version of OS X things may not be as stable as I would like. It works on my machine 😉

I have updated the documentation to show screen shots from Leopard and overall the installation and setup procedures are a little more streamlined.


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  1. It’s really great job .. thanx

    It was work great two days ago with my Windows Live Hotmail ( send+sync.+receive 🙂

    but today I was unable to connect “Could not connect to … Authorization Required”

    HTTPMail Debug window (partial)
    Got response HTTP/1.1‭ ‬401‭ ‬Authorization Required
    header = Connection‭: ‬close
    header = Date‭: ‬Sat‭, ‬17‭ ‬Nov 2007‭ ‬21:19:48‭ ‬GMT

    header = WWW-Authenticate‭: ‬Digest realm‭=”‬‭”,
    header = X-Dav-Error‭: ‬401‭ ‬Wrong email address‭..

    I use this url and it ask at 3 level to enter my username and password …. is it normal behavor ? or did they make some changes?

    thank you Daniel

  2. Not only does this thing work, but the minute it installed, it new all my settings from my G4 Tiger OS X that I transfered and immediately started working. In other words, I did not have to re-set it up. Amazing and thank you Daniel!

  3. Same problems here with picking up old messages. So hopefully an updated version is on the roll. It works, but as smooth as the Tiger version.

    Also I keeps pinging (sound) after a check of new messages, even if there are none…

  4. Dude.. You ROCK..!!!

    Like so many others I’ve been waiting for this..

    There will be some $$ coming your way for your effort..



    We are forever grateful for the work you do.
    I had to use macfreepops before this and it was a pain in the *****

    Once again thank you

  6. Please help… Each time I quit Mail and restart it, the Hotmail account disappears. I deleted the preferences, reinstalled Mail, reconfigured it, but nothing help… The hotmail disappear again on restart Mail. Any suggestions… please..!

  7. so how do I upgrade to Leopard? Should I uninstall httpmail in Tiger, and then install the Leopard version once I have Leopard loaded? Or leave it, and install the Leopard version on top of the old one once Leopard is loaded?

  8. Installed fine, Recognized the old hotmail mailbox from Tiger, BUT… keeps downloading the same messages over and over again. Does not seem to mark the messages as read or deleted. Un-installed… will wait for 1.5.1. Keep up the good work.

  9. You just save my Hotmail mailbox, all my work, all my files, everything… I can sleep relief and calm now… Thank you
    from Paris

  10. Thanks for a great program. It seems when I read and delete email in the Mail application they don’t become marked as read or become deleted in my Hotmail.

    Thanks, Lars (Mac OS X 10.5.1, MacBook Pro)

  11. Daniel, I have one issue with the HTTP mail. When I delete email from my Mail account, sometimes the emails get loaded back into Mail. Is there something I can do alter that setting?


  12. I see the suggestions. I don’t have “delete messages from server” option though. I made a change, and we shall see.

    Either way, my life is way better off having this plug-in. Thanks.

  13. The plugin works great!!! Thank you sooo much! You’ve pulled from the depths of Entourage and into Mail…. auh life is good!

    I mentioned your blog and your newest HTTPMail program in my blog!

  14. Thanks Daniel for the great work !

    It seemed to work fine for days, but……

    I just discovered that kept downloading (or trying to download) messages from the inbox and some subfolders. I found this out after suddenly and unexpectedly reaching my download limit (12GB). In the activity window, it indeed showed that mail tryed to sync mailboxes over and over. NetMonitor showed that while doing this, the application was downloading 10MB in about 2 minutes. After quitting mail, the download activity stopped…
    Quite a nasty hidden bug; I hope it gets fixed in the next update… Thanks again.

  15. When I install the plug in than the mail program is not working any more…..

    Waiting for version 1.51

  16. Daniel-
    Thanks for your product, i love it and it has always worked great. The 1.50 update will download my messages into, but after i delete them from, they are once again downloaded from hotmail when it syncs up. It has never done that before. Any advice?

  17. After updating to 10.5.1 last night httpmail stopped working. is updated to 3.1
    Now It doesn’t download the new messages from hotmail anymore.
    It does actually download something.. I guess its the synchronizing bug described above. Constantly downloading something at an average of 50KB/s . Mail also doesn’t quit anymore.

    A nasty bug which needs attention. besides that… thanx for all the effort. great little plugin.

  18. Thanks very much – it works more or less..
    Like the previous posts it keeps on downloading, and so keeps the processor busy.
    Another strange thing is that i adjusted httpmail to synchronize, but later i changed this to “mark downloaded mail as read” – but still the (ctrl-clickable) options display “synchronize ‘hotmail'”.
    Hopefully you will get this fixed soon – for now, i just deactivate my hotmail-accounts – and download them manually every once in a while.

  19. Same problem

    After updating to 10.5.1 last night httpmail stopped working. is updated to 3.1
    Now It doesn’t download the new messages from hotmail anymore.

  20. Daniel, you’re a genius. My wife was quite unhappy when I went Leopard and she lost her hotmail…
    And now I can even stop the messages from reloading after deletion.

    You are a man amongst men. If I could find your paypal details I’d send you some cash – where do I find the donate button?


    A very happy Ben B

  21. Daniel, I’ve been using it for a while now, a few days ago I’ve updated to 10.5.1 and today I can’t even open I think there is a serious prblem with the last .1 update. Regards.

  22. Hey,
    The only thing that would make this better is if it could somehow take my contacts from my hotmail account and add them into Address Book. Is there a way to do this?


  23. G Day Daniel,
    The httpmail plugin appears to work extremely well with 10.5. However, since the 10.5.1 update I am having issues opening The issues appear similiar to those previously submitted in relation to this problem.

  24. I have a new issue. I have both gmail and hotmail accounts in my Mail program. At first, Mail is able to check both, but pretty quickly the gmail accounts stop working and I have to disable the hotmail accounts and restart to get the gmail accounts working again.

  25. Everything is still working great for me. I am running 10.5.1 and Mail 3.1 and I’m using Mail to check a Gmail account and my Hotmail acct and it is all working very smoothly!! Thank you so much Daniel!

    I’ve had my Hotmail acct since around 2000 so maybe that helps. I used to check it in Entourage but don’t have Office on my new Macbook yet.

  26. Having HTTPMail on my Mac made all the difference in the world. I could tie in my Hotmail accounts like a breeze. Since I upgraded to Leopard it’s not very happy with HTTPMail. I have to restart Mail all the time now and it’s constantly downloading multiple duplicates of the same mail. I’ll get hundreds of the same thing over and over.
    It’s such a great program though. I can’t wait until these last kinks are worked out.
    Thank you for your hard work.

  27. Although I absolutely love this plug-in, I have been having problems with this new version and leopard. It is continuously searching for new mail, and will use up 50% of my CPU power. This drains my battery in about 45 min. This makes it unusable for me. I eagerly await an updated version. Thanks so much for working on this. It is greatly appreciated.

  28. Hi there, some of you are talking about an updated version already? Where did you get that from? Are we sure that Daniel will be updating this? He’s done a shed load of work already….can noone else take up the task?

  29. I keep getting this message when trying to access my msn account via Mac mail.

    ” Could not connect to ‘msn Account’
    Access to Hotmail via Outlook and Outlook Express now requires a subscription. Please sign up at

    Any ideas for me?


  30. Thanks Daniel, great job!!!

    To the guys with problems. Read all the posts… will find the answer there (if the problem is than mail keeps downloading your email over and over)

  31. Thanks Daniel, great effort.
    I installed the plug in but unfortunately when mail tries to connect with the Internet, it always sais: Could not connect to ‘msn Account”. I am very frustrated because I did everything correctly according to the instructions. I asked in a Mac shop and they just said, well change the account….
    Can someone help me please, because I would like to keep my account
    Thank you

  32. No matter what I do, can’t get items to delete, they just come right back up next time I check my mail. Have tried suggestion in FAQ, which is very clear, to use the “Erase Deleted Messages”item from the “Mailbox” menu or press ⌘K. No joy. Followed others suggestions to use the option “Mark as read on the server”, still no joy. Have tried “synchronize with server.” I too don’t want to switch to “delete the message from server” because I want to keep a copy on the web. Finally I always make sure to check mail after I’ve read it and then I delete and then I check again… Still no joy. There must be a universal clear way to set this thing to get it to work. FYI- I have a paid Hotmail account.

  33. Sync with server was the big winner. Seems to be some issue with deleting mail. From what I can tell if you empty the trash before checking your mail, it will DL again. Others have pointed this out as well. Tried changing the TRASH setting to move the deleted messages to the Trash mailbox. No matter. Basically I just don’t empty my Hotmail trash, and let the server dump it as it does periodically.

  34. Anytime I try to send, I’m getting “*** -[NSURL initWithString:relativeToURL:]: nil string parameter”. I tried a workaround by using (port 25) as the outgoing server, but this timed out.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  35. iMac G5, used your plugin for years for 2 hotmail accounts. Installed Leopard, and downloaded 1.51, but I think something is off with the installation-the installation box keeps on running, even though the message ‘Installation successful’ displays very quickly. And the htpp option does not appear on trying to set up a new hotmail account (which I assume I have to do because Mail in Leopard does not support my old backed up hotmail accounts), and the account set-up says it cannot connect with (I had tried using POP since htpp was not on view as an option).

    Any advice welcome and will be financially recognized if successful!

  36. Daniel! How are you? Once I click on “here” this message appears “The page cannot be found”. Do you know why? Do you have another link that I could use? Thank you in advance!

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