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The Leopard version of my HTTPMail plugin for Mail can be downloaded from here. Please note that as with any first release with a new version of OS X things may not be as stable as I would like. It works on my machine 😉

I have updated the documentation to show screen shots from Leopard and overall the installation and setup procedures are a little more streamlined.


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  1. Its not working. It will not pull any mail or send it. It tried to load it 3 times but all 3 stay offline.

  2. Hi Daniel,

    Is there a way of having sent mail downloaded to the local machine without removing it from the remote server? I selected the ‘download sent mail’ preference and now have empty sent items boxes on my hotmail accounts.


  3. Hi, I am using leopard 10.5.1 and your plugin v1.5.1, I am not able to download mails from hotmail but I am able to send it, what am I doing wrong? Please help…..


  4. Hi Daniel,

    First off thanks for your work and dedication to helping others. I am haveing a small issue regarding the Tiger version of and the HHTP Plug verson 1.49.

    For some reason since I have been usng your plugin I have several little things that may or may not be my fault.
    1. does not remember changes in the HTTP preferences settings . In other words if I check several of the boxes in your HTTP control area and quite mail and restart mail, none of the changes I made in the preferences are how I changes them, they revert. Also Mail does not remember if I change the order of how the mailboxes appear.

    2. Recently the Mail app will show I have new messages etc. At times I can select the mail box displaying there are new messages. I will click on a message and read it, then if I go to another mail box etc, and return to the hotmail inbox the messages disappear as if they have been deleted (although they weren’t.)

    3. Now to make matters worse, the Hotmail inbox in the will say there is a new message but as soon as I click on the mailbox (showing a numeral for the number of messages within it) all of the messages disappear without me even seeing them period. They are stilll online at Hotmail, but they no longer show up in the

    Now I know it is probably too late to get any help regarding these matters, but I can not afford to move everything to Leopard etc.

    Once again I commend you on all your work and any help would greatly be appreciated.

    Best wishes,

    JD( o}===;;;

  5. For those with httpmail delete problems this is what worked for me…

    1) If you don’t want to keep any emails in hotmail you can just choose “Delete downloaded messages” on the advanced account options. Everything is deleted when downloaded so no problems there.

    2) If you want to keep mail on hotmail and just delete specific mails then choose “Synchronize with the server” instead. I’ve found the key to getting this setting to work is to NOT use the “Erase Deleted Messages’ in Mail until after a synchronize has occurred. From the look of it the plugin’s delete functionality is really a synchronize between the trash folder in mail and the deleted items folder in hotmail. So your deleted mails need to be in the trash when a synchronize happens for things to work.

    Personally I have set my “Permanently erase deleted messages when” setting to “One Month” to make sure a synchronize will always happen before the messages are erased from Mail. You can always hit the “Get Mail” button anytime to force the synchronize early if you want to tidy up manually.

    Hope that works for people….

  6. I am having problems with getting httpmail to update with received mail.
    I do not know why.
    Please help! I hate having to go to the MS website to get my mail! 🙁

  7. First of all: Thank for the plugin. Very nice.

    I cannot figure out to “download contents of sent items folder from remote server” Tried everything, but cannot figure it out. I am on Macbook pro 17′ leopard 10.5.5.

    Anybody solved this one?



  8. I delete the messages in mac mail under the hotmail account, then they go to the trash that is for my hotmail account then when I try to delete the messages by pressing “command k” An error message pops up saying that ” The Trash mailbox could not be created on the mail server. The local deleted messages (Hotmail Account) mailbox was created instead.” Then it goes on to say that mac mail has changed my account’s mailbox behaviors preferences to us the local deleted messages folder. There is a triangle with and ! in the middle of it right next to the Hotmail Trash. any help would be great to solve this. When ever i delete the messages then close and reopen mac mail then they all load back into my inbox. I am on a powerbook G4, running OS X 10.5.5. I have also updated to plugin 1.52. Thanks


  9. Hey Daniel:

    You appear to be a master and or genius so here goes a question for you….you may have previously addressed this on your blog. I have a POWERBOOK G4 with OS X version 10.4.11 on it. I have been using Entourage for my mail program for the last 5 years. I have Microsoft Office 04 /Entourage 11.0.0 and yes, I’m a little behind the times with my software. I need newer versions all around…including my operating system. I know Microsoft and Apple definitely don’t always gel smoothly; however I felt Apple Mail’s program needs reworking. I don’t have Leopard installed yet; waiting to get a new Mac Book Pro.

    So Entourage has been randomly but continually and intermittently reloading old messages back into the mail program and duplicating the message several times. I had to quit out of the program this evening because it was downloading 800 old messages. I can’t seem to find a way to stop this function aside from quitting out of the program. When I relaunch Entourage it starts all over. It’s driving me NUTS. I’ve done some research and see that this is a problem with Entourage. I just want this to stop as it’s becoming tedious and taking up hard drive space. Can you please offering any insight to stop the downloading?? Thanks so much for your time.

  10. My first visit here, found the blog accidentally really, and I just wanted to say I’ve enjoyed my visit and had some good reads while here 🙂

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