Windows Live compression update

I had a bit of time yesturday to spend working on the Windows Live compression reverse engineering.  I successfully decompressed around 20 bytes.  The previous record was 2 bytes 😉  There are two parts to the compression.  First is the compressed data and the second is pointers back into decompressed data.  The compressed data is working quite well, but the pointers to repeated blocks that have already been decompressed is off a little so I see some correct data and some rubbish.  Hopefully I’ll get some more time in the next couple of days to work on it some more. 

PSMTabBarControl and Interface Builder 3.0

For one of the projects I’m working on I needed a nice looking tab bar control.  Under previous versions of Mac OS X I used the PSMTabBarControl.  The control is nicely integrated into Interface Builder 2.0, but I no longer have IB 2.0 installed as I’ve upgraded to more recent versions of XCode.  I’ve done a very quick port of the code for IB 3.0 and made it available here on github.

Enjoy 🙂