MMKeys songbird plugin

I’ve been insanely busy the last few months. I’ve recently changed jobs and had to go overseas to meet the client so have not had as much time to work on things such as my HTTPMail plugin 🙁
Anyway, today I got an email saying there was a new version of Sonbird (a really nice music player for Linux, OS X and another popular OS that I wont name here 😉 ). Quite some time ago I wrote a plugin for Songbird to get the multimedia keys on my keyboard working, unfortunately upgrades to both Songbird and Ubuntu seemed to break the plugin but I’d not had much of a chance to look into it. Today I decided to have a quick look and see what I could see. The result is a new version of the plugin that seems to work for me 🙂
I’ll be posting the source to my git repository as soon as I can some time 😉

Songbird and multi-media keys under Linux

I’ve decided that under Linux I want to use Songbird as my music player. Unfortunately at the moment the latest developer release doesn’t support the multi-media keys on my keyboard 🙁 Not to be beaten I decided to do something about it and I’ve built my first XPCOM component along with some javascript glue to make it all work. Here is the Songbird extension, and here is the source. I won’t pretend it’s a great piece of work, but it does what I need it to do. The Play, Stop, Next and Previous buttons on my keyboard now work, but YMMV 😉