HTTPMail Plugin and Leopard

Tonight I’ve had some success with getting the plugin working under Leopard. It still isn’t ready for public consumption, however it is coming along nicely.
Currently if a httpmail account is already configured it will connect to the Hotmail servers and successfully download the messages. Unfortunately sub-folders aren’t quite working yet, nor is creation of new accounts or editing of account settings.
Still, it is progress 🙂 Now it is time to go to bed and get some sleep. With a wife, two kids and a day job, I don’t get as much time to work on these things as I once did 😉

OSX 10.5, Time Machine and Linux shared drived

I’ve been playing with Leopard over the last couple of days and just now figured out how to get Time Machine to work with unsupported shared drives (such as those shared by netatalk).

defaults write TMShowUnsupportedNetworkVolumes 1

What this seems to do is to create a sparse disk image on the shared drive, then mount it across the network. It’s not quite as nice as I would like, but it is a start.

Incidentally my inbox has been flooded with emails asking for a Leopard version of my httpmail plugin. I have been looking into it, but as to when I could have something I couldn’t really say.


I just heard from the guys at the Apple repair place I sent my G5 to and it looks like Apple will fix the coolant leak under warranty 😀
The most excellent news I’ve had all day 🙂


It looks like my main development machine (an Apple G5 2.5 GHz DP with 4 Gb of RAM) has a coolant leak 🙁
I’ve taken it in to a service center, but of course the machine is no longer covered by AppleCare 🙁
Apparently this is a fairly common fault on the liquid cooled Macs. And to top it off the coolant is corrosive.