I finished another PIC32 proto board

It is a lot smaller that my previous one and fits better into the breadboard 🙂
I think I have also figured out why many of my PIC32 projects were crashing randomly.  It appears I was setting the oscillator up incorrectly which was causing the lower spec PIC32MX2xx to try to run at the same speed as the higher spec PIC32MX7xx.  Oops 😉
The interesting thing is the PIC32MX2xx parts will run at the same speed as the higher ones as long as you keep them cool.  Unfortunately my office has no air conditioning so during the summer months it is not uncommon for it to get into the 40C range.  During the winter months as I am currently experiencing this isn’t a problem 😉

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  1. Also, I’m waiting for another release.
    The PIC32MZ series are “Unobtanium” at the moment. That’s a pity as I’m on the edge of doing another PCB, and the MZ versions do not look to be pin compatible to the MX ones 🙁
    That is a blow as otherwise, they would be a great upgrade path.
    I do hope they come out with a DIP MZ part with lots of memory so the boot loader can be easily installed for proto work. Time will tell.

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