The cocoa rendering system is really nice

For a secret project I’m currently working on I needed to make a NSTextView that resized its contents so that it was always fully visible regardless of how many lines of text were in there. Coding something like that under Windows would have been pretty awful (especially since the text needs to still be editable), […]

Blog APIs

It can be quite annoying when an application claims to support an API and actually doesn’t 🙁 I’ve been working on BlogThing off an on for about a week or so. Originally I used a bit of the metaWeblog API and a bit of the MovableType API. I’ve since standardized on metaWeblog and removed the references […]

Accessing the string and attribute data in a NSTextView

NSTextView stores its data in a NSTextStorage object. NSTextStorage descends from NSMutableAttributed string, so that gives us a clue. The easiest thing to do is to make a category on the NSAttributedString class to do whatever it is you want containing something like the following.      NSRange range;      int i;      int L = [self length];                  i = 0;      while(i<L) […]