The cocoa rendering system is really nice

For a secret project I’m currently working on I needed to make a NSTextView that resized its contents so that it was always fully visible regardless of how many lines of text were in there. Coding something like that under Windows would have been pretty awful (especially since the text needs to still be editable), but cocoa made it a snap. Just make sure that the ratio of the control bounds and the parent controls frame is correct every time the text changes 🙂 The more I use cocoa, the more I want to use it, and the less I want to go back to other systems. 
From what I understand the Microsoft .Net stuff would allow a similar approach, and the Java swing libraries would definitely allow it 

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  1. I feel the same. I wish I could develop in Xcode all the time and write mostly Obj-C/Cocoa. At work I use C#/.Net with VS.Net. Switching back and forth and you really can see, do, and feel the difference.

  2. While off topic but any chance that you will release httpmail module as a UB for Intel macs?

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