The joys of coding with a child on your lap

Well, for one you can only do it one handed! 
Also you have to be ready for sudden lunges towards the keyboard. Bang bang bang go the keys. Oops a wrong click or an inopportune Enter and say goodbye to all that work. 
Still it is nice for the little one to see what Daddy does all day, even if I have to spend most of the time stopping her from eating any CDs and other things I’ve foolishly left just within reach 😉 
The monster child expresses her undying love for Daddy’s G5

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  1. I have done that before, along with working while rocking a baby chair with my foot while typing. A good tip is to have a spare keyboard and let them tap away on that… Kept my little girl happy and she thought she was doing all kinds of funky things on the screen.

    Takes them a little while to work out, “hey… whats that one over there do too?”

    Good to see your girl also has taste going for the G5. Maybe the heat it generates keeps them snug and warm.

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