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    I went to all the trouble of adding code to allow for different fonts and colours and such. I tested it on my local machine against WordPress 1.5x and it all worked perfectly. Then I tried to make a post here where I’m running WordPress 2.0 and found that it stripped out all the lovely colours. 
    After a bit of poking about on the net I found that this is a bug in the 2.0 WordPress code base and as since been fixed in the 2.0.1 release. So after a quick update of the code…. Here we are. 
// BlogAPI.h 
// BlogThing 
// Created by Daniel Parnell on 28/01/06. 
// Copyright 2006 Automagic Software. All rights reserved. 
#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h> 
@interface BlogAPI : NSObject
NSURL* url; 
NSString* username; 
NSString* password; 

+ (BlogAPI*)
blogAPIWithURL:(NSURL*)aURL username:(NSString*)aUsername andPassword:(NSString*)aPassword; 
+ (
NSString*) describeBlogError:(NSDictionary*)errorInfo; 
– (
id) initWithURL:(NSURL*)aURL username:(NSString*)aUsername andPassword:(NSString*)aPassword; 
– (
void) setUsername:(NSString*)aUsername; 
– (
NSString*) username
– (
void) setPassword:(NSString*)aPassword; 
– (
NSString*) password
– (
void) setURL: (NSURL*)aURL
– (
– (
NSArray*) getCategoryList
– (
int) newPost: (NSString*)aTitle withBody: (NSString*)aBody andDateTime:(NSDate*) aDateTime shouldPublish:(BOOL)flag; 
– (
BOOL) setCategories: (NSArray*)theCategories forPost: (int)aPostId
– (
NSString*) upload: (NSData*)data withName: (NSString*)name

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