First Post

This is my first post to my new blog.

I’ve been working on a simple blog client for my wife to use to post pictures of our daughter Molly to a private blog. Last time I’d checked there weren’t any nice blog clients that supported password protected blogs in a nice way. So I whipped up this little client. I’ve since found that some of the newer versions of the clients seem to support password protected blogs 😉

Ah well, it was a fun exercise making a blog client using Cocoa and the WordPress XML-RPC interface. I’ve had a couple of interesting problems with pictures displaying differently under Tiger to the way they look under Panther, but I think I’ve figured that out now 🙂 It seems that NSTextView respects the DPI settings in an image under Tiger while under Panther it does not. I had to hack about a bit in NSTextView, NSTextAttachment and NSTextStorage to find a solution.

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