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  1. Hi Daniel:

    This is awesome! It’s what I have been waiting for on teh iPhone. Is there any way I can get this loaded on my phone? Willing to pay.


  2. This is awesome! It will give me another reason to buy an iPhone! I hope you make a ton of money on this!

  3. Anxiously waiting for the release. I miss the use of a HP48 emulator that I had on my Palm (Power48). I will one of the first to purchase this app! Please let us know when you submit it to Apple.

  4. I can hardly wait for the release. This is THE killer iPhone app for me. Price is no object.

  5. You are going to make some good (and well deserved) money off of this once you get Apple to release it! Is it submitted yet? You have some coding talent, my friend.

  6. I plan on releasing it for free as I simply ported x48 to the iPhone. Most of the work was already done by the x48 authors. I haven’t as yet had a chance to submit it to the store. Maybe I should do it now 😉

  7. OK, after a bit of a fight with certificates, targets and build settings I have submitted i48 for review. Hopefully it should show up in the store soon 🙂

  8. That is great of you to make this available for free. It still took some work to port it over, I’m sure.


  9. It took a few months off and on, but once I got it displaying screen updates it was only a couple of evenings to make it work properly. It currently doesn’t support sound and I suspect it may be slower than the real thing, but that is something else to work on next 😉

  10. Hey, don’t jinx him, Cameron. j/k

    It should be accepted, as there are several other HP-like calculators in the iTunes store. HP made the ROM public domain, so as long as their logo isn’t used, I doubt that they would object. Actually, HP might eventually be shamed into putting out their own version, just as they recently did for their 12C, 12C Platinum, and 15C.

  11. I can hardly wait for the best calculator to be mated with the best mobile phone of today.

    Daniel, have you received any feedback from the Apple Gods yet?

  12. if you have a jai** iphone firmware 3.0, you can download the app in a zip at mega**load ?d 8JCSGCRO. Unzip and transfer the folder in /Application and chmod 777 it. Works very fine !!

    Thank you Daniel for these great app!

  13. little suggestion : if you can remove the antialias in the screen, so the writing will be sharper. ( right now it is a little blur)

    Very very nice app, I love it

  14. after using a while, i have an other suggestion: would be nice to see the key bumps or a little light when pressing the keys…

  15. I’m a little concerned that Apple might not approve the app with the current program icon. None of the other rpn calculators make any reference to hp, except the actual hp products of course, on their icons.

    I followed jpph’s instructions and have the program running on my iPhone. Nice!

    Best of luck!

  16. not only the app icon, there is also the RPL / sysRPL / assembly languages… C64 emulator were refused because of the BASIC interpreter : apple is worried that you could run arbitrary code in their iphone.

  17. Had a chance to test out the copy posted by jpph. It works wonderfully. I’ve already replaced Apple’s default calculator with it.

    A couple of suggestions though:

    1.) Remove the gaps between the buttons. I know for the Windows version, having to click exactly on the button makes sense. For the iPhone though, having dead space between buttons on the screen just makes it harder to type. The space between buttons should activate whichever button is closer on a grid.

    2.) I love the interface, but I’m not convinced the angled buttons make sense. They’re harder to read than they need to be, While I greatly prefer the new interface to the original choice, is their any way to not use angled buttons?

  18. YIPEE! I now can have my 48GX with me all the time. On request, please add sounds or highlites to the key presses. This is specialy needed for big fingers 😉 Thanks for this great release!

  19. well done! you might want to add the “load program” functionality if you want to play cat and mouse with Apple 🙂

    I can even provide the sources modification if you want (I did the same port on Android :p)

  20. Can I use my custom EMU48 ROM / *.E48 in this program? The emulation is nice, but I have a large program I use in EMU48, it includes many graphics, retyping it is just not possible.

  21. Thanks for the great calculator ever built. Good job. It was something I was trying to get for the last 2 years. Congrats. Roger

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