More progress on the HP48GX emulator for the iPhone

I had a bit more of a play with the emulator code tonight and fixed up a few little glitches.  I also changed the color of the emulation screen to look more like the real thing ๐Ÿ™‚  Now off to bed!  It also looks like it is OK to distribute the ROM file as apparently HP released the ROMs to the public some time in 2000.  The github repository ( has been updated to include the ROM file.

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  1. Hi,
    very, very promising. I was only aware of the project on which now seems stalled quite badly.

    As a noob: how can I use Your emulator? Do I just rename the zip as .app and shh it over to apps on my iphone?

  2. To use the emulator at the moment you need to have an iPhone developer certificate. I really should package it up and submit it to the store, but I suspect it would be rejected. Also the graphics are a bit on the ugly side at the moment.

  3. I joined the program just to get this working. It could probably be a bit faster, also ; You’re right: the background could be sweller.

    However: this is (AFAIK) the only HP48 emulator working on iPhone. To me (sick as it may sound) it was well worth the developer-program-price (and there is plenty of background art on the net)

    Super! Thanks!!!

  4. The x48 emulator on which this code is based isn’t the fastest emulator around.
    I’ve not yet had a chance to actually benchmark how fast the emulation is on the actual device, but it should be possible to get it running faster with a bit of tuning.
    Have Instruments will travel ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Oh, and you’ve probably already seen, but I recently received some new improved graphics which make it look much nicer. These have been checked into the github repository.

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