PSMTabBarControl and Interface Builder 3.0

For one of the projects I’m working on I needed a nice looking tab bar control.  Under previous versions of Mac OS X I used the PSMTabBarControl.  The control is nicely integrated into Interface Builder 2.0, but I no longer have IB 2.0 installed as I’ve upgraded to more recent versions of XCode.  I’ve done a very quick port of the code for IB 3.0 and made it available here on github.

Enjoy šŸ™‚

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  1. I can get it to show up in Interface Builder but how do when I Build & Go under XCode it won’t compile and I’m sure I have forgotten something. What would I need to do in XCode to make it compile?

  2. If you’ve got the component showing up in IB then you must have been able to compile the control framework. Do you mean you can’t get the application you are writing to compile when you include the component?
    If so, make sure that you’ve included the framework into your project. Also make sure that your project has a build phase set up to copy the framework into your application bundle.

  3. Hi

    I don’t know much about IB plugins but I tried following the same pattern used to install BWToolkit but couldn’t.

    How can I install this plugin into Interface Builder? How do I turn the source code into a plugin?

  4. Hi,

    I’ve been able to build the framework but can’t get the component to show up in IB 3.2. Any suggestions?


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