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Just a quick note to let everybody know that I’m making good progress reverse engineering the Windows Live Mail protocol.  With the help of a couple of other people I’ve managed to determine the nature of the compression used on the message data.  We’ve successfully managed to build the decompression table and I’m now working through the routine to do the actual decompression.  IDA Pro is an amazing piece of software and I highly recommend it if you ever need to do any reverse engineering of compiled programs.

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  1. hi daniel

    and thanks for doing this job. i was very happy with your mail converter in the past, and as i’m still stuck with hotmail, i can’t wait to have your plugin for live mail. you’re our only hope so to say!



  2. I was wondering if you needed to pay for Hotmail in order to use the httpmail system, because my wife’s email doesn’t work in My apple mail client. Or should it just work?

  3. I’m delighted to know you’re are working on a new plugin for the new Hotmail! Hoooray!!! Using a mac without HttpMail plugin somehow feels awkward since I’ve been using your plugin for so many years. I hope you keep us updated on your progress and I look forward to the beta release.

  4. Dude…

    It’s november 28 and we still waiting the new release. What happened? you haven’t post anything!.

    Sorry for being a little bit rude but micro$oft is making me sick.


  5. Hi Daniel, thanks for the plugin. I appreciate how useful it is now that I have upgraded to Leopard and it no longer works as it did! I am receiving hotmail email but when I delete email within mail it comes back – it doesn’t seem to be syncing with my hotmail account. Is there a way to fix this? I don’t mind the email staying in my hotmail account (like it did with Tiger), but I don’t want it to come back to my mac mail every time I delete it. Having so much mail in my account really hits the performance of my mac when mail is open.

    Is there a fix? Its weird as your plugin still half works… so I guess it hasn’t been totally torpedoed by msoft?

  6. Hello Daniel
    Have you had problems with the plug in with the new update? 10.5.6 the httpmail 1.52 has worked for me, however now i cant get mail after the update.


  7. Hello Daniel

    Today I upgraded to OSX 10.5.6 and for some reason the httpmail does not work anymore, at least for receiving files…I was however able to send file from Apple Mail.



  8. Hi Daniel,

    Definitely appears that 10.5.6 has broken HTTPMail – which has always worked amazingly well for me.
    I, and many others, eagerly await your expert help…..

  9. with the leopard 10.5.6 update the http hotmail mail plugin is not working again hope you can get this fixed

    thanks alot

  10. I haven’t heard anything like that before: Om said Om don’t mind the email staying in his or her hotmail account like it did with Tiger. “it” being don’t mind the email staying in your hotmail account like it did with Tiger?

  11. Thanks for the information: unknown person said he don’t mind the email staying in his or her hotmail account like it did with Tiger. “it” being don’t mind the email staying in your hotmail account like it did with Tiger?

  12. Daniel,

    I have a proposition for you that I’d be willing to pay for – I’m looking for a sync tool for Hotmail that would effectively synchronize Hotmail data (email/contacts/calendar) with an exchange account for Windows. Basically, it would be bidirectional and keep both the exchange account and hotmail account constantly syncing with each other. Any ideas? Can this be done simply inside outlook with connector and a macro? I’m happy to pay for your effort. Please contact me if you’re interested.


  13. My HTTPmail plugin hasn’t been working for about a week or so…just wondering if anyone else is having problems or if there’s a way to get it up and running again (I’m running on 10.4.11)

  14. Oh…nevermind. Looks like hotmail *finally* supports pop3 now. Guess there’s no need for the plugin anymore. Thanks for the plugin Daniel and all the work you put into it. I used it pretty much from the first release and it was a great app.

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