HTTPMail Plugin and Leopard

Tonight I’ve had some success with getting the plugin working under Leopard. It still isn’t ready for public consumption, however it is coming along nicely.
Currently if a httpmail account is already configured it will connect to the Hotmail servers and successfully download the messages. Unfortunately sub-folders aren’t quite working yet, nor is creation of new accounts or editing of account settings.
Still, it is progress 🙂 Now it is time to go to bed and get some sleep. With a wife, two kids and a day job, I don’t get as much time to work on these things as I once did 😉

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  1. Yes, it’s definitely the OS upgrade problem… After upgrading to 10.5.3 it doesn’t work on both my hotmail accounts. Can you fix it ?

  2. I’m using Izymail now, but it’s nog very good. And I think the use is limited in time, but maybe by then Daniel has found a solution for httpmail!

  3. Daniel, all of us here really need your help! We know you can solve this problem, just time problem. Right? We’re here waiting for your good news, waiting for your new update for httpmail! Cheers…

  4. Hi, the issue of http plugin not working, I think, the problem is coming from hotmail’s end. I read somewhere they denied access to a public protocol that allowed us to access mail via Daniel’s ubber nice plugin.

  5. Hi there,

    Since May/June I had the same problem as above. Reading all replies gave me the idea that this doesn’t work anymore at all.

    After some digging I found the new release of Daniels httpmail version 1.52 with a fix for OS X 10.5.3 (and above) =>
    Even though one of the links above redirects you to a message of Daniel telling you MS closed down the httpmail stuff, stubbern-me downloaded the new version and just installed it again. AND IT WORKS!!

    It is simple:
    1. download the zipped file from the link above
    2. unzip the file
    3. open the .dmg file
    4. double click Installer

    et voila.

    Daniel thanks a lot

  6. I installed the plugin Jerome mentioned on top of the old one. That didn’t work. I deleted the account and the bundle in my library and reinstalled the plugin mentioned above. After restarting Mail it works fine!
    Thanks Jerome!

  7. Hi Daniel, I installed the HTTPMail Plugin on Leopard. It works but when I delete junk mail from my folder it seems to return the same junk mail back in the junk mail folder over and over again.

  8. Hi Daniel, it also happens with sent mail. I delete sent mail from my folder it returns it back in the folder over and over again.

  9. I am having problems with the Mail program deleting a subset of emails on my web account, but retaining them on the Mail folders. How do I get them back onto my web account?

  10. Plugin stopped working after upgrading OS X to 10.5.6.
    Recreating the iMap accounts didn’t help.

    Logs are full of exceptions like this:

    12/15/08 9:29:44 PM Mail[438] NSExceptionHandler has recorded the following exception:
    NSInvalidArgumentException — *** -[NetworkController isNetworkUp]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x262257c0
    12/15/08 9:24:44 PM Mail[438] *** -[NetworkController isNetworkUp]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x262257c0 during invocation of -[HTTPMailAccount fetchSynchronouslyIsAuto:]

  11. The plugin also stopped working on my Intel iMac after upgrading to OS X 10.5.6. Anyone have a solution?

  12. Same here. Plugin stopped working on my intel macbook pro after the update OS X 10.5.6. Apparently I can send out emails, but I can’t receive/download the email on to Apple Mail.

  13. Same here. Plugin stopped working on my powerbook G4 after the update OS X 10.5.6.

    This sucks! Dan any Ideas?

  14. Hi Dan

    Thanks for a great plugin! But yes, 10.5.6 seems to break it: I can’t download any email now. I’m getting similar Console logs to Reseul, above, on a MacBook Pro (2007). If further info of any sort would help, let me know…

    All the best, A.

  15. Bummer. Wish i’d checked this before doing the update. I can send but not receive. Hope there’s a fix soon.
    Cheers Dan!

  16. Hi dan same here 5.6 seems to be overriding the plugin FUSHIZLEZ MAN what to do, i hate going to that page !! argg well please let me know ASAP once there is a plugin form your mastermind to download man!

  17. Hmm, bummer… After using the hotmail website for a day I already know why I downloaded your plugin. ***dammnit hotmail website sucks big time.

    Waiting for an update to fix 10.5.6. 🙂

  18. Daniel, I’d just like to say that your plugin is awesome, and thanks very much for creating it and continually updating it. Keep up the good work.

  19. Yo Daniel, just like the other people on this forum i’ve been using your mailplugin for years and hope to do so in the future. Keep up the good work. Hope you can find the time to get us a fix for 10.5.6. Happy New years!!

  20. hey guys downloaded the newest version of httpmail but i can only send messages, i cannot receive any emails…? can anyone help?

  21. Hey
    i have a macbook laptop and i have a regular hotmail account. I downloaded the plugin and installed it fine. However, when it came to test it it did send an email and my friend received fine. when he replied it did not come through, yet it did show in my e-mail online. how do i fix this problem i heard it my incoming server that is wrong.


  22. i’m trying to dowload the plugin with the last link posted and it starts downloading and then it stops. i get a message “mounting failed”. any suggestions?

  23. Hi
    I am glad to be a new owner of “Snow Leopard”! ther is only one Reason for “backgrading” my Machine: Httpmail stopped working ;-(
    Thanks for your work, sorry for the incoming work.
    I am sure you`ll handle it 😉

  24. Hey folks,

    I just follow the instructions on the tutorial posted in iHackintosh [] and it worked great for me. It was even easier than setting up an Gmail account. As easy as your .mac account.

    I have a little problem over here though. Although it works just great with my hotmail account as far as downloading my inbox mail, it doesn’t downloads any of my extra folders.

    Any idea about how to solve this issue? I’ll appreciate any help to

    Daniel, I really miss your plugging, no kidding

    Long live to Hotmail/Mail App.


  25. Hey Daniel thank you for the plug inn i don’t you if you noticed that with snow leopard the plug inn is not working i hope you can get this fixed as u always do

    I love this plug in so i hope you can fix it for us

    thanks alot

  26. Hey Daniel thank you for the plug inn i don’t you if you noticed that with snow leopard the plug inn is not working i hope you can get this fixed as u always do

    I love this plug in so i hope you can fix it for us

    thanks alot

  27. Same here. Snow Leopard “broke” httpmail. I have my MSN and Hotmail accounts back in Mail 4.0, setup as POP accounts. But all of the httpmail folders are no longer visible or accessible. I had created additional subfolders as well and dragged mail into them..

    The Apple Genius Bar tried File/Import Mailboxes, browsed to one HTTP folder in Library/Mail, and selected the folder. The import process displayed all of the missing MSN mail folders, said it imported with a message “You can find the imported mailboxes in the folder named “Import” in the mailboxes list.” But the Import folder did not appear. The Genius Bar tech took it to the back room tech and they finally said they couldn’t help and told me to call Apple Care, who had more resrouces. AppleCare Tier 1 escalated to AppleCare Tier 2 who tried the same thing, but no luck. He then escalated it to the “escalation center” and set an appointment to call me back in two days – the amount of time he said it takes for the engineers to respond. He never called or returned my followup calls, and finally emailed that he still had no response from the escalation center.

    So I’m unable to access important emails stuck in the httpmail folders. I’m unhappy with Apple and their lack of solution or followup. All I want is for the Import Mailbox to work so that I can get back my httpmail folders.

    I regret my quick upgrade to Snow Leopard due to the httpmail issue as well as I’ve had problems with intermittently loosing wireless connectivity ever since the upgrade. Even happened at the Genius Bar. They had to connect via Ethernet and again they did not know the solution.

    Hoping for a new httpmail plug-in compatible with Snow Leopard since Apple seems unable to make their Import Mailboxes work.

  28. Hi Daniel,

    I’m really hating having to use the Windows Live website because it’s so incredibly slow! I really appreciate your hard work and think your plugin is great. But when do you think the latest one will come out to support saved mail folders ect.

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