I’ve been making some apps recently.  One for the new Windows 8 modern UI and one for iOS using swift.  One was a joy to code, the other was not 😉

Swift is an interesting language and I look forward to writing more code in it.  C# is also a nice language, however writing code for “modern” Windows apps is much harder than it should be.  This is mainly because many of the more useful parts of the .Net API just are available any more 🙁  No System.Data was the real problem for me and meant that I had to roll my own database access layer on top of a SQLite database.  An app that should have taken a couple of days to whip up took a couple of weeks.  Every time I thought I was getting somewhere I would hit yet another assembly or class that wasn’t available, or worked slightly differently to the “normal” way things should work.

Both apps are working now, so I’m happy 🙂

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  1. Another case of hiding stuff from users?
    Will you be able to port the app to Windows 10 I wonder.

  2. I switched from .NET to iOS a couple of years ago and I can confirm, despite all the craziness of Apple’s frameworks and tools, it’s much more rewarding and fun. There is one thing I sourly missed from .NET and that’s data binding. Now that I have that too (self-made) there is nothing I would still miss from .NET. -> Bindings are here:

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