More Yealink VP-2009 stuff

I have to admit is a little disappointed with the phone when I got it.  I updated the firmware as far as it would allow me, but the more recent versions of the software would not install 🙁  After a bit of googling I found that there was supposedly a procedure for updating the old firmware to one of the newer sets, but that it was a secret.  That got me really interested so I dug a little deeper.  I found a PDF that contained a link to a Yealink FTP server which I’m not sure is supposed to be publicly available.  On the FTP server was a set of files that detailed in rather broken English the process.  Basically you put the phone into a special mode that causes it to download a new firmware from a TFTP server running on the same network and off it goes with the new firmware.

My phone now says is has firmware version and it now has all the features I was hoping to get.  From what I can see it now has pretty much the same software as the new VP530.

Happy now 🙂

I also tested the technique used to get root on the old firmware and it is no longer available, however the technique used for the T38G now works.

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  1. I am in awe of your talent to dig into things and find hidden stuff Daniel.
    Many times I boast about you to friends 🙂

  2. Daniel, can you please share the technique you used to upgrade the firmware of your VP2009. I’m upgrading our phone system where I work and we have a few of these, along with a bunch of T20P’s. The T20P’s are easy because they’re still supported but I was close to scrapping the 2009’s until I found your site. Thanks for any help you can provide.

  3. Email me directly and I’ll see if I can find the info you need to upgrade the VP2009 phones. From memory it was fairly simple.

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