I have just uploaded the next release of i48 for review

The latest version of i48 has been submitted review by Apple.

This new version adds support for running the emulation at full speed (although that has some interesting effects on usability).  I have also added theme support and included a theme based on Power48 provided by Fabrice Roux.  Finally the buttons now highlight when they are selected making it a bit easier to use the keyboard.
I was hoping to add sound support in this release, but have decided to submit what I have now and work on the sound support for the next release.

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  1. Glad to see this is still in development. It’s completely replaced my default iPhone calculator and convinced me to finally give my HP48 to a good home.

  2. Hello Daniel,

    is it possible you compile this to Symbian S60 OS? I had found this for previous Symbian OS and since S60v3 seems they changed something and those old app can’t run at newer phones anymore. That is really a missed app for the comunity of Nokia users of some old but amazing symbian phones.

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