Microsoft is going to disable WebDav access to Hotmail

Well, it was fun while it lasted, but Microsoft has finally decided to close access to its servers via the WebDav (or HttpMail) protocol.  As my hotmail plugin uses this protocol to communicate with the hotmail servers this means that as of June 30th 2008 my plugin will no longer work 🙁

I am looking into their new protocol called DeltaSync, but from what I can see Microsoft is using some proprietry encryption/compression on message contents, so it might take a little while (if ever) for it to see the light of day.
Thanks to everyone for all the donations and support over the last 5 years or so.
If I manage to figure out the compression then a new plugin supporting Windows Live mail should be fairly easy to create.  I’ll post progress here if there is any 😉

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  1. My mail has also lost contact with hotmail around the same time. I wonder whether Microsoft did go with the changeover.
    At present I use Yahoo and also the free trial from Mobile-me. Any advice about the latter?

    Thanks a lot Daniel I used the plug for about 2 years, it was great. Good Luck

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