I’ve been running Macintosh machines for quite some time as my primary development environment. Recently I’ve been having to spend a lot of my time running Windows for my work and I’m finding it a lot less painful than I thought I would. Windows 10 has vastly improved over Windows 8 (although the bar was set very low on that on).

The Windows Subsystem for Linux makes doing a lot of things that were tricky under Windows in the past much easier. There are a few applications like Omnigraffle that I miss and I’ve yet to find an email client that feels right, but the thing I’m missing the most is my own QueryThing application that I’ll release for MacOS one of these days. There are many database query tools available for Windows but none of them works quite the way I want to work.

Now all I have to do is rewrite QueryThing to be a cross platform tool and I’ll be happy wherever I have to code 😉

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