It’s alive!

I spent a little time on my lunch break putting in the last few wires and the board has come up 🙂

The flash from my phone has drowned out the LEDs on the board, but they were blinking as they should.

Since I didn’t have another voltage regulator handy I have used the voltage drop across two diodes from a bridge rectifier (a trick I’ve used successfully before with other 3.3v parts from Microchip).

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  1. Hey Daniel, I do realize that it’s a pretty old post and I’m not a big fan of necroing stuff, but I really need help 🙂 I started getting the hang of electronics just a few days ago and my question may sound really weird for an expert like you, but I’m still going to test my luck and I hope you’ll be able to assist me. Here’s the deal. I’ve been trying to figure out the difference between a bridge rectifier and a rheostat. I checked a bunch of resources but I’m still not sure that I clearly understand the difference. When it comes to bridge rectifiers I guess I mostly picked up on some clues (mostly after checking his page with a video but it’s more complicated with rheostats for me. What’s the biggest conceptual difference between the two? Thanks

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