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I finally got around to cleaning up the spam on this blog. 
Unfortunately it looks like I zapped a couple of legitimate comments in the process however 😉 
I’ve been really busy of late working and looking after the monster baby (who just recently turned 1 year old). 
On the train to and from work I’ve been building a simple little database tool for myself. I’ll probably be releasing an alpha some time soon (although when soon is I could not say exactly 😉 ) 
It’s a Objective-C cocoa app that connects to pretty much any database that has a JDBC driver. 
It features syntax hilighting, simple code completion for SQL syntax (and I’m working on making it do code completion for database objects) and the big feature for me is tabbed based query results along with tabbed documents. It’s already pretty usable, although I still jump back to CocoaMysql on occasion for some things. If you’re feeling brave and want to give it a try feel free to email me at

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