It is alive again

I got another email from the awesome tech support guys at Drobo this morning asking about my DroboPro. I told them it had died again and they offered to replace it rather cheaply, they also suggested that both batteries might need to be replaced rather than just the CR2032 coin cell. I removed the main backup battery pack and pressed the power button and the thing booted up. I’m not shutting the thing down again until I’m sure I’ve got ALL of the data this time 😉

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  1. Drobo … ! Words cannot express by feelings. If you take it apart you’ll know why. Designed to fail. Great OS, but awful hardware implementation. The very fact they hide the memory keeping battery so it’s not user replaceable, should tell you something. Guaranteed to fail after 3-5 years. It’s a button CR2032. A DAS or NAS is mission critical, and DROBO is playing roulette with your data. I gave them 5-10 years in business, then failure.

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