I have been having some fun lately playing around with my old Nabaztag rabbit.  A little while ago I managed to get the compiler for the little VM running in the Nabaztag working under Mac OS X.  The compiler also comes with a simulator, and unfortunately the Linux version that I got running under OS […]


This weekend I built a simple little Linux program that scratches an particular itch of mine.  As part of my daily work I need to log in to various Linux VMs.  The problem is that the IP addresses of these VMs often changes due to them being configured to use DHCP.  I suppose I could […]

I’m back :)

In the end I wasn’t offline for very long thanks to the great guys at Internode πŸ™‚ A total of 5 days in all off line. In the mean time lots of interesting stuff has been happening. Firstly I’m in the trailer for the Melbourne Internation Film Festival. Secondly and more imporantly there is the […]