A HP48GX emulator for the iPhone and iPod Touch

I have just released the source to a HP48GX emulator for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It’s a very rough port of x48 to the iPhone, but it works πŸ™‚  There is the occasional screen glitch and I’m not too happy with the screen buffer code.  Something else that is a bit annoying is that it appears that compiling in Debug mode to run on the device does not work.  It looks like one of the case statements in the x48 emulation code is too big to be compiled for ARM under gcc.  I had a quick look at using the LLVM compiler but it didn’t seem to like it. The code can be downloaded from http://github.com/dparnell/i48/tree/master  […]

OS X 10.5.6

As many people are aware Apple released Mac OS X 10.5.6 yesterday.  Unfortunately this broke the HttpMail plugin πŸ™  After a little bit of poking around I found and fixed the problem.  The result is a new release of the plugin 1.53.   Head on over to my downloads site at http://www.automagic-software.com/ Now, for a status report […]

Weird characters in the previous post

Something really strange happened in the previous post.  There were these weird characters appearing in the text.  From what I can see it is WebKit trying to be helpful and create non-breaking spaces.  Unfortunately rather than insert a good old   it is inserting 0xA0 characters.  I’ve just added some code to look for these […]

WebView woes

I have been working on a little blog posting app for my wife for some time called BlogThing. Β The first version worked well enough that I released it for download from the Automagic Software site. Β It used some pretty nasty stuff that iterated over the chunks in an NSAttributedString, and while it worked pretty well […]