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The Leopard version of my HTTPMail plugin for Mail can be downloaded from here. Please note that as with any first release with a new version of OS X things may not be as stable as I would like. It works on my machine ๐Ÿ˜‰

I have updated the documentation to show screen shots from Leopard and overall the installation and setup procedures are a little more streamlined.


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  1. it’s not working for me. sometimes it freezes my Mail app. It also keeps downloading emails from my hotmail inbox even after deleting them in Mail. Now, i’ve just noticed that all the emails are blank, too.

  2. Perfect timing, Daniel. I just installed Leopard yesterday. Thank you so much for working so hard for us all.

  3. GREAT, It works for me too. The only thing I had to do was to delete my old hotmail account which was still in Mail (archive & install of leopard). The old account didn’t work with the new httpmail bundle because the outgoing mailserver was set wrong ( However, when I figured this out, it now works like a charm!

    Thanks again Daniel! (Y)

  4. works like a charm. Didn’t even have to setup the account, after installing the plugin I guess Mail remembered everything and just set it up for me. Thanks again.

  5. Hi Daniel and everybody: I downloaded about 1,300 messages from the hotmail server, but nothing shows up in the viewing pane when I highlight a message, or when I double-click to open the message up. Anybody else have this problem? Thanks for the update, Daniel, nevertheless. It’s possible I’m doing something wrong. Ron

  6. nice

    but one question

    everytime i delete something out of my mailbox and i quit and launch mail again

    those same emails get downloaded again from the server

    is there a way to permanently delete them through mail

  7. i had the same problem, john. seems you have to click on get mail after you view a message. then after that you can delete it and, same thing as before, let mail connect with the server and communicate that you’ve deleted it. after that it seems to work, i guess.

    Man, I’ve been so anxious to get this plugin! I’ve been checking this blog every day, I thought the day wouln’t come. ^_^

    Many hugs and kisses from Barcelona!!! (Spain)

  9. Hi John,

    To prevent Mail from downloading previously downloaded messages, do the following:

    In Mail preferences, go accounts tab, select the http one, and then click on Advanced, you will se there some useful configurations. One of them is a combo box that shows “Don’t change anything on the server” you can change that to “mark as read” or “delete messages from the server”. Then the messages aren’t downloaded again (at least this worked for me”

    As for the subscribing issue may be one of the limitations Daniel talked about (you can see it on the readme file) I didn’t have this issue, so I’m affraid I can’t help there, sorry.

  10. Thanks Daniel, it works fine on my mac for downloading messages.

    But I have the same problem than John that I didn’t have with the previous version of httpmail on Tiger: when I erase a message from my box in Mail, the message will be downloaded the next time I start Mail. On Tiger, when a message was in the trash on my computer, it was not downloaded again.
    In my mail preference setting, I use the option “Mark as read on the server” when I download a message, and I don’t want to switch to “delete the message from server” because I want to keep a copy on the web.

    Another time, thanks for your great job.

  11. I can not receive any incoming mail, I am able t send mail using my hotmail account using your plugin but i cant receive incoming mail, can anyone help?!?!

  12. i figured it out,

    thanks to some help from you guys

    just make sure the messages you delete arent marked as unread and go to your preferences>accounts>advanced> and set it to this “synchronize with server” this will make sure that whenever you delete something in “mail” it does the same on the server

    i tried the other ones “delete messages from server” sort of deleted everything out of my hotmail account.

    if this doesnt work the first time just mess around with it took some time for me

  13. Thanks Daniel,

    As you probably already know, it’s still pretty buggy.
    Here’s some feedback to help you progress:
    It doesn’t seem to register when it’s already downloaded some emails for me, so when I delete some from the it just downloads them again. Only happens with some emails, but it’s a combination of wanted email and junk mail that this happens to. So when I open it tells me there are hundreds of NEW emails, but they are emails the I’d previously deleted from By the way, I DO have “Mark downloaded emails as read” selected in preference>advanced, in case you’re wondering.

    Thank you so much for getting it to this stage though. I’m extremely grateful. You’re awesome!

  14. Sorry, that “Synchronize with server” option post by John did the the trick for me. Seems to work pretty well now. Thanks

  15. Thanks a lot for the update! I was really looking forward to it. It’s the best Mail plugin ever! Sent you a donation for your effort. You’re the best!

  16. It didn’t work for me. When I open Accounts, I get a blank window and the system seems to hang. According to Force Quit, Mail is NOT not responding. It turns out that hitting ESC gets me out of it. It also created a new account called Null which I was unable to delete. Possibly the problem arose because I had Mail open the first time I tried to install it. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling it several times with no luck, and finally have uninstalled it for the time being. I guess I’ll check in regularly until you release the next version.

  17. i too had that problem at first

    i just deleted mail and installed it again via the leopard install disk (optional install)

    after that it got to workin

  18. Daniel,

    Thank you!!! I think you just SAVED MY MARRIAGE! I feel a little responsible for spurring you on with my original post, but you can see how much everyone appreciates your amazing work.

    Again, thanks for saving the day as well as my hide! Now if you could only get MSN/Hotmail to work on my wife’s iPhone…!….and then maybe fix that leak in my laundry room, and figure out what’s wrong with my fridge, and….

  19. Great Man, thanks a bundle. Using Leopard’s mail app with hotmail results in me using the cool stationery for letters and leaves my friends very much in awe. Thanks again!

  20. Thank you Dan!
    I will be deleting Entourage (what a piece of cap) immediately. This works seamlessly just as it did with earlier release. Hoping it will hold up through some of the nil string errors I used to get, but so far it is working well. Everyone should donate a few dollars to support this plugin and all of the hard work Dan put into this.

    Thanks again!

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