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Swift compiler is crashing for me :(

I’ve been spending a bit of time having a play with Apple’s Swift.  So far I find the language to be interesting.

It seems to be missing a few things.  Working with strings is a real pain 🙁  Hopefully this will be fixed in later versions of the language/compiler.

I’m also hitting many problems with the Xcode 6.0 beta crashing, but more annoyingly after getting a fairly large amount of Swift code ready it seems to be crashing the compiler 🙁

I’m trying to port the pegged parser generator to swift.  The first step is to update the existing tool to generate swift as output.  This I got working fairly quickly, then it was down to fixing the various syntax errors and learning how things are done in Swift.  Now there are no syntax errors, but it still won’t compile 🙁  Ah well.  Maybe I should just have a go at writing one from scratch 😉

4 comments for “Swift compiler is crashing for me :(

  1. dendad51
    June 18, 2014 at 8:56 pm

    You don’t mean writing one IN Scratch do you? 😉

    I could ask Liesl to help…. LOL

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